Finally, a Crypto trading platform made simple for humans, not machines.

Learn to Trade. Profitably.

We're invested in Your Success
After thousands of hours spent researching how to build the next generation exchange, we realized that the reason why people leave the trading ecosystem.

Newcomers were not equipped with the proper knowledge and understanding of this radically new Market, making emotional trading decisions based on misinformation, bad advice and ‘signals’, and fell prey to pump and dump groups - often finding themselves on the tail end.

We provide the tools not only through our simple to use and understand trading platform, but also our guided trading curriculum, developed by financial experts who want you to succeed.

Simple & Intuitive

The way it was meant to be. No manual needed.
The majority of people simply want simple.

That was our design philosophy. We’ve packed institutional high-tech features and made it easy to use.

So easy Grandma can trade Cryptos.

Here to help you Succeed

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that for the crypto ecosystem to succeed, we must make learning, understanding, and investing in crypto as easy as learning a skill like riding a bicycle or driving a car. Once you master it - you can go anywhere you want, as fast as you want.

Compete Globally and Level Up

Some trade for profit, some trade for fun, some trade to learn, and some trade for prestige. Whatever your motivation is, X2 is built to cater to you.

Advanced Trading Features

For the number-adrenaline trader, we’ve designed a radically new way for you to trade. Keeping in line with most of the familiar elements of exchanges, we’ve engineered new features with the understanding that you need to use the information to take action within a nanosecond.

Assets on Assets

Get Access and the Ability to trade Global Assets including Futures and Commodities in one single Platform. We're bringing once very exclusive trading products, and empowering ordinary people with tools that can help you achieve financial independence.

The Digital Fort-Knox

In conjunction with cyber security experts, we’ve engineered every element to withstand rigorous stress testing, conduct regular security audits, to most importantly ensure that your assets are safe with us.

As a Bonus for Early Adopters, we have exclusive rewards that are earned on a first-come first-earned basis. Sign up to find out what you receive during launch!